Thursday, December 26, 2013

Quick Update

We are good around here.  Making it through the holidays.  Our house currently looks like a toy store exploded.....and not just new toys but apparently get new toys means that all the old toys have to come out to welcome the new know kind of a toy jamberee. 

We have been getting A LOT of snow.  Pretty but that means that hubby is working and we miss him.  Marla loves to be outside and Leah.....well she is working on loving it.  If she wasn't shorter then the snow banks that would help immensely.

And of course getting prepared for the holidays.  My junior baker has been a great help.  No really, we got more sprinkles on the cookies then the floor this year.   =)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did and are now exhausted.  Paul got a new camera for Christmas that is likely to be in my possession more then his so more pictures to come.

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