Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have decided that this is the year of flying by the seat of our pants.  I know so many people who feel this way and it is an example of our state of society.  There is so much we have to do and never enough time to get it done.  While we try to cram quailty time with God, family and friends in between.  Ugh!  To much.  I long for the quieter times, the slower times that to be honest I don't even remember.  I don't remember feeling so overwhelmed with life.  Does a second kid make that much of a difference....heck ya!  Worth it, absolutely!   But even as a baby there is an additional schedule to keep.   So I make no apologies for the speratic posting as I struggle to make it through the year.  Maybe next year will be better?   Maybe.

Not much has happened over the past few weeks though.  We made a quick impromptu trip to my parents in NE, just the girls and I.  They did amazing in the car but I was stressed the whole time. Leah still refuses to walk but we are getting closer.   Halloween is upon us and I have this weekend to get all the outfits and costumes together because next weekend is my crop weekend.   I STILL have to take the 1yr and 5yr pics of the girls which I am hoping the weather will cooperate this weekend so I can accomplish it otherwise our window has passed for outdoor pictures and I will have to take them to a studio which I do not want to do. 

That is all for us right now.  Hope all is well with you!

Leah so desperately wants to be with the big girls.  I have never seen a 1yr old that mimics her big sister so much.  The things she understands.

Marla's first field trip was to the fire house and per her "It was fine".  I guess she was not impressed.  I have no idea why she wanted me to get a picture of me quishing her cheeks.

Leah LOVES the sand box.  She is going to be in it all next summer for sure.  Hates water but likes sand, weird kid.

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Yarn Devil said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I have 1 and feel like there is never enough time in a day... can only imagine 2. Will take your updates when we can get them! Gwyn also toured the fire hall, she was excited to have seen the fire truck! LOL