Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Random Updates

Whew!  First few weeks of school under our belt and I feel like we are finally getting into our new routine....kind of.

Last weekend was beautiful and we thought we better enjoy the weather before winter hits.

We ventured to Auntie Jill's to use her pool one last time.  This picture is a perfect representation of our family.  Me taking the picture, Leah hanging on my leg as far away from the pool as possible and my water babies rough housing in the pool.

Leah's favorite food....bagels.  This started pretty innocently.  She loves to eat.  One morning she literally stole the bagel out of my mouth and ate it.  Since then she and bagels have been the best of friends. When I can't get her to eat anything else I give her bagels.   In this picture she thinks it is funny that I am trying to take pictures of her and she is attacking me.
Leah finally found the tupperware drawer and Marla remembered how much fun it use to be.

Incase there was any doubt, this is why we moved to a neighborhood.  These three run around all weekend long between our two house and occassionally a few other neighbor kids.  I love that my girl can play with other kids right outside our house.
Thats it for now.  Have a good day!

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Yarn Devil said...

How awesome is that? Thanks for sharing! :)