Sunday, September 8, 2013


So proud of my girl, she did awesome.  She loves school and was so excited to go back the next day!  Yah!!!  Love my girl.

 Miss Marla First Day of School

 Snugging with sister

 Getting on the bus

and still smiling at the end of the day.
I am doing a Smash book of Marla's Kindergarten year.  It is the old fashion kind of scrapbook where you just paste stuff in it and journal whatever you want.  So far it has been so helpful keeping track of information.  She will love it when she is old....well I will anyway.  I will post some pictures when I get more in it.

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Yarn Devil said...

Awesome!!! I wanted a pic of my girl on the second day but she was dragging her feet a little to get ready and ended up running out the door to the bus after James and I shoved her runners on her feet!! LOL

Does Marla go everyday all day or is it every second or half days? Curious if it's full time kindergarten for her there. (Normally kids here go every second day all day, or in the city it used to be morning or afternoons everyday)