Thursday, September 5, 2013

Circus Party

For Leah's first birthday party we had a circus theme.  I relied heavily on the help of Oriental Trading Co for this one.  I have decided there is no shame in that. 

Centerpieces - I used popcorn to cover the styrofoam because it was a popcorn box =)

Cake Table - All bought food this year, I just ran out of time.

Tables - The weather was a little unpredictable so we planned ahead

Birthday Outfit
Opening presents - She was more concerned about eating the cookie

First taste of cake

All done!

I didn't take very good pictures this time.  I missed half the decorations but I got the important pictures.  I would say it was a success. Plenty of food, lots of laughter.  Good day!

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Yarn Devil said...

Oh wow! Your baby's a year already??? Where does the time go? Great job with the decor, very fun!
I am going to post a post just for you.. LOL soon as I'm done here.. LOL