Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello...Anyone still there?

I am not starting off 2013 very well as far as blog posts are concerned.  All I can say is that I am just unmotivated and I haven't decided if I want to work on that or not.   I guess we will see.

I think this is funny but Leah's favorite toy is this little sun.  It actually goes to her play gym but she is just content with her little sun.

 We celebrated Valentine's Day with Elle the Elephant and Bob the Lion.  We actually bought them for Christmas but felt like they didn't need them so we held on to them for a bit.  What cool Valentine's presents they turned out to be.  They are still in our living room now that I think about it.

We didn't have daycare on Valentine's day so we had an indoor picinic for lunch.  See the striped sweather I am wearing?  It was actually a v-neck sweater a couple days ago.  I decided I didn't like it as a sweater but I love me some cardigans so I made it into one.  It was very easy.  I used THIS cardigan conversion tutorial from Delia Creates.  She rocks.

These are the valentines we made with some finger paint and Marla's hands shaped into a heart and Leah's little tooties.  It was fun and Marla got to create some new artwork for Grandma.  I forgot to take pictures of the valentines we made for the daycare kids.  They were cute too.

My mama came to visit last weekend. We just relaxed and soaked up some much needed Grandma time. Paul and Marla and I went to the lake and watched people fish on ice.  No matter how long I live here that will always be weird to me.  Then we went to lunch.  It was nice to hang out with just Marla for a bit. 

That is it for now. 

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Yarn Devil said...

You and me both... Great to hear from you though! Your girls are sure growing!!! Love the converted cardigan!!! And yes.. I am still here... I think your blog is the only one I actually look for updates on these days....