Monday, January 28, 2013


Sorry it has been so long since checking in last. We have been recovering from the "horrible cold/flu feels like death" thing going around.  Paul came down with it when we were in Iowa and I got it a few days after we got back.  It has been two weeks of feeling like pure crude. Marla just started getting sick yesterday but I am praying it is just a simple little cold that will go away in a few days.  Leah is still healthy for now thankfully.

We have spent a lot of time snuggling away the ickys the past few weeks. No kissing and lots of hand washing though. 

 Miss Leah had her first cookie and she loved it.  If it is food this one is happy!  She is doing pretty good getting it to her mouth.  Sometimes it takes her a bit though.

"Crap now how am I gonna get that?"

Leah has also decided that she is getting sick of laying on her back so we started propping her up in a play gym.  We can only do this when we are right by her because Marla thinks it is super funny to bounce Leah and watch her head wobble...actually so does Leah which just encourages the practice.

We also went to cousin Lizzy's cheerleading competition and Marla has decided she is going to be a cheerleader.  She runs around the house doing cheerleading least that is what she thinks they are.  Funny I remember the skirts being MUCH shorter during my cheerleading days.

That is it for now. Have a good day!

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