Monday, December 3, 2012

More of my favorite things.....

Every once and a while I like to share with you some of my favorite things that I have used or consumed as of late.

First I will start with an important one.  Wine!  I found this wine the week I found out I was preggers with little Leah so needless to say it was a long wait to try it again to determine if it was really as good as I remember.  Well, it was.  If you are looking for a smooth simple red wine here you go. La Posta Malbec.  I couldn't find it at any local store so I had one of them order it in for me. 


My lovely little orange point and shoot camera died.  It was helped along by a busy careless owner who just threw it in her purse regularly and a adorable little 4 year old who likes to push the lense in.  In case you didn't know, that is a BIG no no.  I am a funny one.  I will only buy Canon point and shoots and Nikon DSLR cameras.  Weird I know.  Generally people are pretty brand loyal across the board.  Here is why though.  Nikons are really worth the money in the DSLR world.  The quality is really quite better in my opinion.  This may also be true in the point and shoot arena as well.  HOWEVER, Nikon point and shoots simply offer to many options for a small quick use camera.  You have to select too many settings and the auto settings aren't as auto as I think they should be.  Canon on the other hand has a very simple to use, good quality camera.  All Canon's are set up pretty much the same as far as menu's are concerned.  I am on my 3rd Canon point and shoot and it has been a seamless transition to each of them.  In the camera world this little beauty is actually a step down from my cute little orange one but really now a days you can get A LOT for very little.  I spent $89 on a deluxe kit on sale at Target that include an SD card and case.  What a steal!  I did my research first of course.   What sold me on this was that it had a touch screen for easy viewing, 16 mega pixels, it was small, light weight and of course it was a Canon.  I decided not to spend the extra $50 for more zoom as I rarely use my zoom function as I feel it generally gives poor quality pictures and if I know I am going to need a zoom, I bring my Nikon DSLR and my big lenses.  Also, given that I go through point and shoot cameras every year or two I do not spend a lot of money on them.  I must put a disclaimer here.  The reason I go through cameras is not due to the camera but rather the owner.  I use my camera daily and it is heavily abused because it goes with me everywhere...yes EVERYWHERE and I let my little one use it. In my opinion $100 a year is a little price to pay for a years worth of memories caught on camera.  So if you are in need of a good little camera go grab the Canon A3400 Deluxe kit on sale at Target.

I got a new Kindle Fire HD free!!!!  I will tell you how when I recover from the shock of why I got it.  It is a really cool little tablet.  Funny story though, I ordered one for Paul for Christmas the week before I got this one for free.  Guess I am sending his back and have to come up with a different present. Ugh!

Skin Care Products:

I forgot all about this until recently.  I can't find my favorite chapstick anymore (Natural Ice) so I am trying out new ones.  I used to use this in college when I got cold sores from stress a lot.  It has a nice texture and a little tingle.  Not thrilled with putting my fingers in a jar though.  Would much rather not touch it with germy fingers. 

 I found it!!! The perfect hand lotion.  This one took much trial and error.  I hate feeling lotion on my hands however I found that if you don't feel it then it doesn't work.  Not the case with this lovely hand lotion.  It obsorbs rather quickly to releave your dry hands and as the label claims, it is 100% non-greasy. 

Crafty Goodness:

Bakers Twine - I love this stuff and I have used it for all kinds of things.  Tags, cards, layouts (this one) and it worked really well to bind things a bunch of lipsticks or barbie hair.  Just sayin.

I am just now getting on the decorator tape or Washi Tape band wagon. I know a little late.  I must say though that it is pretty cool stuff.  I even used it to close the envelopes for my Christmas cards this year.  I haven't ventured to crazy yet with the used but have seen some great ideas on pinterest. 

Ok that is it for now, have I bored you enough?

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