Friday, September 5, 2014

Well Hello Again!

That was a nice long break.   The girls are now 2 and 6 and Marla just started 1st grade.  I won't try to catch you up as so much and nothing has happened the past 8 months.  Which I think is a good thing.

We just had the joint birthday party.  Given that the girls birthdays are only 2 days apart I have made the executive decision that they will each get a birthday outing of their choice with 1 friend and a joint birthday party with family.  Marla chose to go to the Minnesota Children's Museum for her birthday outing and we used that as Leah's outing as well.  Maybe next year Leah can pick her own outing. We had an Under the Sea themed party....thank you Pinterest!  Check out the pics:

 General Decorations. Wall of pictures from the past year were attached to a fishing net.  Marla won't let me take it down.

Close up of the food.  Wal-Mart made the cake.  Pretty cute huh!  The Clams were so yummy.  I bought store bought cookies and blue icing and just added a little Meringue Powder to make it a little stiffer.

I used my Silhouette to create this little scene.

 Garland was created with the Silhouette as well.  Cut all the circles out of double sided paper and ran them through the sewing machine.  Honestly this was the cheapest and quickest garland I have ever made ($1.92)

 Here is a close up of the fish lantern. 

 The table decorations.  I spray painted a bunch of shells and beads from the Dollar Store.

 Of course the birthday beauties!

Thank you Pinterest peeps for all the ideas. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Quick Update

We are good around here.  Making it through the holidays.  Our house currently looks like a toy store exploded.....and not just new toys but apparently get new toys means that all the old toys have to come out to welcome the new know kind of a toy jamberee. 

We have been getting A LOT of snow.  Pretty but that means that hubby is working and we miss him.  Marla loves to be outside and Leah.....well she is working on loving it.  If she wasn't shorter then the snow banks that would help immensely.

And of course getting prepared for the holidays.  My junior baker has been a great help.  No really, we got more sprinkles on the cookies then the floor this year.   =)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did and are now exhausted.  Paul got a new camera for Christmas that is likely to be in my possession more then his so more pictures to come.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

We love you Poppa thank you for our freedom!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween and Scrapbook Retreat

This Halloween was not as extravagant as usual.  Damn life keeps getting in the way.  I don't think the girls noticed though.  Marla has two events at school neither of which were aloud to be about Halloween but were suitable substitutes.  So different from when I was a kid.  Leah only had two out fits and one costume this year.  I was slacking.  Marla loved trick or treating but has requested to go with friends next year instead of just me and relatives.  She is growing up so fast.  Leah was a hit handing out candy with the aunties.

 I did my first full crop weekend a couple weeks ago.  It was awesome I did 32 pages.  Crazy!  I also got a full body massage but by the end of the weekend you never would have know.  Surprising how scrapping is so hard on the body.  Here are a few pages I did. 

There are several more I wanted to show you but blogger is acting up again and turning them all on your side.  You get the gist though.

Hope all is well with everyone.  Talk to you later.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have decided that this is the year of flying by the seat of our pants.  I know so many people who feel this way and it is an example of our state of society.  There is so much we have to do and never enough time to get it done.  While we try to cram quailty time with God, family and friends in between.  Ugh!  To much.  I long for the quieter times, the slower times that to be honest I don't even remember.  I don't remember feeling so overwhelmed with life.  Does a second kid make that much of a difference....heck ya!  Worth it, absolutely!   But even as a baby there is an additional schedule to keep.   So I make no apologies for the speratic posting as I struggle to make it through the year.  Maybe next year will be better?   Maybe.

Not much has happened over the past few weeks though.  We made a quick impromptu trip to my parents in NE, just the girls and I.  They did amazing in the car but I was stressed the whole time. Leah still refuses to walk but we are getting closer.   Halloween is upon us and I have this weekend to get all the outfits and costumes together because next weekend is my crop weekend.   I STILL have to take the 1yr and 5yr pics of the girls which I am hoping the weather will cooperate this weekend so I can accomplish it otherwise our window has passed for outdoor pictures and I will have to take them to a studio which I do not want to do. 

That is all for us right now.  Hope all is well with you!

Leah so desperately wants to be with the big girls.  I have never seen a 1yr old that mimics her big sister so much.  The things she understands.

Marla's first field trip was to the fire house and per her "It was fine".  I guess she was not impressed.  I have no idea why she wanted me to get a picture of me quishing her cheeks.

Leah LOVES the sand box.  She is going to be in it all next summer for sure.  Hates water but likes sand, weird kid.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Random Updates

Whew!  First few weeks of school under our belt and I feel like we are finally getting into our new routine....kind of.

Last weekend was beautiful and we thought we better enjoy the weather before winter hits.

We ventured to Auntie Jill's to use her pool one last time.  This picture is a perfect representation of our family.  Me taking the picture, Leah hanging on my leg as far away from the pool as possible and my water babies rough housing in the pool.

Leah's favorite food....bagels.  This started pretty innocently.  She loves to eat.  One morning she literally stole the bagel out of my mouth and ate it.  Since then she and bagels have been the best of friends. When I can't get her to eat anything else I give her bagels.   In this picture she thinks it is funny that I am trying to take pictures of her and she is attacking me.
Leah finally found the tupperware drawer and Marla remembered how much fun it use to be.

Incase there was any doubt, this is why we moved to a neighborhood.  These three run around all weekend long between our two house and occassionally a few other neighbor kids.  I love that my girl can play with other kids right outside our house.
Thats it for now.  Have a good day!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


So proud of my girl, she did awesome.  She loves school and was so excited to go back the next day!  Yah!!!  Love my girl.

 Miss Marla First Day of School

 Snugging with sister

 Getting on the bus

and still smiling at the end of the day.
I am doing a Smash book of Marla's Kindergarten year.  It is the old fashion kind of scrapbook where you just paste stuff in it and journal whatever you want.  So far it has been so helpful keeping track of information.  She will love it when she is old....well I will anyway.  I will post some pictures when I get more in it.